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  Programs > Juniors

The following Junior Programs are offered throughout the year at our locations. Please go to the CONTACT US page for any additional information or questions on locations and schedules for any and all these programs.

Programs or opportunities that can be found at specific locations on the LOCATIONS page.

Pre-School: A fun class for 4 and 5 year olds to introduce tennis as fun game. Rally Ball-a class for elementary age kids to introduce a very basic knowledge of the game. There are opportunities for singles and doubles match play without having to serve.

Quickstart: With the use of adjusted court and balls, we teach at the level of the younger child (under the age of 10). This miniture style of tennis also offers a league of its own.

Player Development/Tournament Prep: A class for kids with knowledge of the game, scoring and serving. Match play is available for singles and doubles.

Summer Camp (Half Day/Full Day): A fun mix of tennis skill, games and swimming for elementary - early teenagers. Must bring a racquet, bag lunch and swim suit. Runs every summer at several locations starting June through August.

These programs are offered at Sardis. Click on the respective link to visit the pages.

High Performance: Class for middle and high school kids with strong knowledge and skill of the game and a commitment to required daily practices. Skills test and evaluation required.

Charlotte Junior Tennis League: Trimp Tennis offers a league for kids ages 8U - 18U to compete against other players of their own age/skill level throughout all the Trimp Tennis programs. League seasons are Fall and Spring. Singles and Doubles match play.

Charlotte Preparatory and Charlotte Christian Schools: Click on the respective school to see all the programs that offered that include, Pre-school, Lower School, Middle School and High School.

Available upon request of the Tennis Professional

Birthday Parties: A fun way to celebrate a birthday for kids with or without knowledge of the game. Instructors use various games on the court to involve everyone. Kid racquets available upon request.

More programs that Trimp Tennis is involved in throughout the year.

Ladder Matches: Interclub singles and doubles match play.

Summer League: Opportunities for singles and doubles play for kids with a knowledge of the game.

P.E. School Tennis Classes: Indoor and outdoor class offered through area private schools with Sardis Instructors.

School Team Coaching: Sardis Instructors run practices for Middle, JV and High School teams (fall- girls and spring- boys).