Developing Unity in our community, clubs, and players through a positively reinforced environment,

where all students feel accepted and able to express themselves to ensure they become the best version of themself.


 smiley-coolAs a former Division 1 college player, coach, and USA Olympic athlete, I have witnessed many different styles of coaching.  My son Jake Baugh has been playing with Trimp Tennis Academy for about 7 years and he really enjoys it!  He has made great friends there and has developed a love for the game.  

smiley-coolCoach John Trimp is an experienced coach and he is excellent at walking that line of being serious but also fun. He is very laid back but knows when to discipline. His players embody great sportsmanship and do not burn out.

smiley-coolStarting tennis at 50!
 I have John Trimp of Trimp Tennis to thank for that! I have been taking his clinics for almost 2 years now, and have really enjoyed learning this sport. John is a fantastic coach who really looks at you as an individual, and helps guide you to be your best, all while having fun! I highly recommend Trimp Tennis

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